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About Me.

Hello, My name is Henry and I am a Photographer and Videographer based out of Windsor, Ontario, Canada Specializing in Weddings And live Concerts. After going to post secondary school for 3 years graduating with 2 diplomas I decided to throw that all to the side and chase my true dreams of capturing the

moments that matter most in life.


Over the last year I have been travelling the world working along side companies, families and individuals to provide them with stunning photos and videos for whatever their needs may be. I never know where life will take me next but I am always strapped in ready to endure the adventure.

The Origin

I stumbled across photography and videography during my years of post secondary education. From this day forward a never ending flame began to burn from deep inside motivating me to pursue my new found passion. Little did I know that what originated as a release and a way to express my emotions would morph itself into a full time business.    

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The Passion

The passion began as a way for me to show the world from a different perspective. An insight into my mind and telling the story of how I perceive the world.


As this passion expanded, I began to also share the stories of others. I have always been captivated by music and the raw emotion that the artists pour into their craft. When a musician walks onto the stage they become truly transparent, they leave everything they have on that stage and it has truly been an honor to be trusted by so many artists in capturing those raw emotions and telling their story.  

Soon after beginning my career in concert photography, I fell in love yet again with a new way of sharing the story of someone else. Weddings. A wedding day is full of love, emotions, joy, laughter and so much more. Being able to not only connect with so many beautiful people, but to be given the opportunity to tell their story and to allowing them to forever look back and relive their special day is truly a blessing.

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The Future

As my passion continues to expand and I discover new was to share the stories of others, my original passion of telling my own story and showing my own perspective of how I see the world will forever live on through my work. You will still find me wandering the world, taking in new experiences, new motivation, new adventures and sharing them in my own light.

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